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Sports writing is a captivating way to share the excitement and passion of sports events. In the Philippines, sports writing in Filipino language is a popular way to connect with local audiences. This article provides examples of sports writing in Filipino, focusing on basketball, volleyball, and boxing. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of how to write engaging sports articles in Filipino.

Halimbawa ng Sports Writing Filipino: Basketball

Basketball is one of the most beloved sports in the Philippines. Here’s an example of sports writing in Filipino for a basketball game:

Paglalaro ng Puso at Determinasyon: Ginebra vs. San Miguel

Sa isang nakakapanabik na laban sa pagitan ng Ginebra at San Miguel, ipinakita ng dalawang koponan ang kanilang puso at determinasyon. Sa unang kalahati, nangibabaw ang San Miguel sa pamamagitan ng kanilang mahusay na depensa at pagkontrol sa bola. Ngunit hindi nagpatalo ang Ginebra, sa pangunguna ni Scottie Thompson na nagpakita ng kahanga-hangang laro sa pag-rebound at pag-assist.

Sa huling kanto, nagpakitang-gilas ang Ginebra sa kanilang opensa, pinangunahan ni LA Tenorio na umiskor ng mahahalagang puntos. Sa kabila ng matinding pagsubok, nagtagumpay ang Ginebra na talunin ang San Miguel sa iskor na 98-94. Ang laban na ito ay patunay ng katatagan at galing ng bawat manlalaro sa harap ng hamon.

Campus Journalism Sports Writing Examples Tagalog: Volleyball

Volleyball is another popular sport in the Philippines. Here’s an example of sports writing in Filipino for a volleyball match:

Laban ng Lakas at Diskarte: Ateneo vs. La Salle

Sa isang dikdikang laban sa volleyball, nagharap ang Ateneo at La Salle. Ang bawat set ay puno ng aksyon, palitan ng lakas, at diskarte. Ang Ateneo, sa pamumuno ni Alyssa Valdez, ay nagpakita ng kanilang lakas sa pag-atake at pagdepensa. Samantala, ang La Salle, sa pangunguna ni Kim Fajardo, ay hindi nagpahuli sa kanilang mabilis na pagkilos at taktika.

Sa huli, nanaig ang Ateneo sa La Salle sa tatlong sunod na set. Ang tagumpay na ito ay isang patunay ng kanilang dedikasyon at pagsisikap sa laro. Ang laban na ito ay magiging inspirasyon para sa maraming kabataang manlalaro ng volleyball sa bansa.

Halimbawa ng Sports Writing Filipino: Boxing

Boxing is a sport that has produced many Filipino champions. Here’s an example of sports writing in Filipino for a boxing match:

Tagumpay sa Ibayong Dagat: Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather

Sa isang laban na inaabangan ng buong mundo, muling ipinakita ni Manny Pacquiao ang kanyang galing sa boxing laban kay Floyd Mayweather. Bagama’t kilala sa kanyang depensa, hindi nagpatalo si Pacquiao sa kanyang mabilis na kumbinasyon ng suntok at pag-iwas.

Sa kabila ng matinding paghahanda, hindi nagtagumpay si Pacquiao na talunin si Mayweather. Ngunit ang kanyang tapang at determinasyon sa ring ay nagbigay inspirasyon sa maraming Pilipino. Ipinakita ni Pacquiao na sa laban ng buhay, ang mahalaga ay ang pagpapakita ng tapang at pagsisikap.
Find some top examples of Sports Writing Filipino Engaging in Sports.

Example 1: Basketball

Heart and Hustle: The Warriors vs. The Lakers

In an electrifying matchup between the Warriors and the Lakers, both teams displayed incredible heart and hustle. The Lakers dominated the first half with stellar defense and ball control. However, the Warriors, led by Stephen Curry’s impressive rebounding and assists, refused to back down.

Entering the final quarter, the Warriors ramped up their offense, spearheaded by Klay Thompson, who scored crucial points. Despite the fierce competition, the Warriors clinched a victory with a final score of 110-106. This game stood as a testament to each player’s resilience and skill in facing challenges.

Example 2: Volleyball

Clash of Power and Strategy: Stanford vs. UCLA

In a gripping volleyball match, Stanford faced off against UCLA. Each set was filled with action, power exchanges, and strategic plays. Stanford, led by Kathryn Plummer, showcased their strength in both offense and defense. Meanwhile, UCLA, with Mac May at the helm, countered with swift movements and tactical prowess.

Ultimately, Stanford triumphed over UCLA in three consecutive sets. This victory highlighted their dedication and hard work in the game, serving as an inspiration to many young volleyball players across the country.

Example 3: Boxing

Battle Beyond Borders: Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder

In a highly anticipated global showdown, Tyson Fury once again demonstrated his boxing prowess against Deontay Wilder. Known for his defense, Fury did not hold back, delivering rapid punch combinations and evasive maneuvers.

Despite intense preparation, Wilder could not secure a win over Fury. Yet, his courage and determination in the ring inspired many around the world. Fury’s performance underscored that in life’s battles, what truly counts is the courage and effort we bring.

Example 4: Basketball

Downtown Showdown: Knicks vs. Nets

The New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets brought their A-game in a downtown showdown that had fans on the edge of their seats. The Nets took an early lead with precise three-point shooting and tight defense. But the Knicks, led by Julius Randle’s dynamic performance in scoring and defense, fought back vigorously.

The game’s intensity peaked in the last few minutes, with the Knicks overtaking the Nets to win 104-101. This match showcased the determination and skill of both teams, making it a memorable one for the fans.

Example 5: Volleyball

Intensity on the Court: Penn State vs. Wisconsin

In a tense and exciting volleyball face-off, Penn State met Wisconsin. The match was a rollercoaster of intense rallies and strategic plays. Penn State, driven by Jonni Parker’s powerful spikes, dominated the court. Wisconsin, led by Dana Rettke, responded with strategic serves and blocks.

Penn State eventually won the match in straight sets, proving their mettle and teamwork. This match was a testament to the players’ hard work and passion for the game.

Example 6: Boxing

Legacy in the Ring: Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin

In a fight that captured the attention of boxing enthusiasts worldwide, Canelo Alvarez faced Gennady Golovkin in a bout filled with anticipation and excitement. Alvarez, known for his agility and powerful punches, engaged with Golovkin in a tactical and fierce battle.

Although Golovkin put up a strong fight with his robust defense and counterattacks, Alvarez emerged victorious. This fight not only highlighted Alvarez’s skill and determination but also added a significant chapter to his legacy in boxing history.

Example 7: Basketball

Epic Comeback: Heat vs. Celtics

The Miami Heat staged an epic comeback against the Boston Celtics in a game filled with suspense and drama. Trailing for most of the game, the Heat, led by Jimmy Butler, ignited a late-game surge. Butler’s aggressive plays and key steals turned the tide in favor of the Heat.

With a nail-biting finish, the Heat overcame the Celtics with a score of 92-89, showcasing the unpredictability and thrill of basketball.

Example 8: Volleyball

Show of Resilience: Texas vs. Nebraska

In a volleyball showdown between Texas and Nebraska, both teams demonstrated immense resilience and skill. Texas, powered by Logan Eggleston’s formidable attacks, took an early lead. Nebraska, not to be outdone, fought back with Lexi Sun leading their charge with critical hits and blocks.

After a hard-fought series of sets, Texas emerged victorious, winning the match and demonstrating the sheer perseverance and teamwork required to succeed in volleyball.


Sports writing in Filipino provides a unique way to connect with Filipino audiences and share the excitement of sports events. Whether it’s basketball, volleyball, or boxing, effective sports writing captures the heart and soul of the game. By following these examples, aspiring sports writers can learn how to craft engaging and inspiring sports articles in Filipino.

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